Desperately Seeking SharePoint

By now I can’t help but wonder… where are these SharePoint superheroes the business world seems to think exist? Where do they roam the earth, these titans of technology? 

I can see one of them now… Gathering business requirements with one hand, configuring servers with the other… Leading user groups one day, developing web parts the next, dodging support calls while his fingers spit out flawless PowerShell scripts… Delivering whizbang demos to executives, followed by a rousing session of disaster recovery configuration to cleanse the palate.

Wait- what’s that? Governance? Hold on while he instantly acquaints himself with your corporate vision- or he’ll create one on the spot if it’s lacking. Watch as he hands over an airtight governance plan that will be understandable at all levels of the enterprise and never need updating. Did I mention he’s also an expert at InfoPath, Excel, Access, SQL, AD, Exchange, .NET and an MCM, MCPD, MCTS and MCITP as well as a certified Scrum Master? 

He has to be real- because every job posting I see is looking for him! Why would they seek him so diligently if they did not expect to find him?  

This is from a REAL email I recently received, asking if I (or anyone I knew) was interested in the position:

The applicant needs to have a blended skill set of Architect, Analyst and Developer yielding an Advocate and an Expert of the application across the enterprise. The ideal candidate will have experience with upgrading to version 2010 and will be able to lead an enterprise level SharePoint initiative. The position will be responsible for the migration strategy, configuration, site master setup, site look and feel, workflow development, user administration and light central administration of our SharePoint installation. Duties to include:

  • Develop and implement migration strategies for Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Assist with the installation, configuration, and management of SharePoint for the enterprise; providing troubleshooting, application administration, and technical support. 
  • Assist with performance monitoring and tuning. 
  • Integrate SharePoint with other applications, including Microsoft Office, Office 365, Google Search Appliance (GSA), and business applications. 
  • Manage sites, lists, document workspaces, libraries, and etc. and configure workflows for SharePoint. 
  • Provide and coordinate End User Training and Desk Side support 

My head exploded a little when I read this. Am I crazy, or is it as impossible as I think it is for one person to be equally good at all those things? Or did he just emerge fully-formed from Bill Gates’ forehead and descend from Mount Redmond to walk among us?

Do any of you work with such a demigod/goddess? ARE you one?  Tell me honestly- is it logical or realistic to expect that there are enough people out there who possess such a depth and breadth of knowledge in SharePoint? No one I know who works in SharePoint full-time can claim that level of expertise across the board. By now, people have found their niche- at least the people I know and work with. 

By Zeus, if this comprehensive level of skill is the new expectation, I’d better get going…. I’ve got a lot of work to do.