SharePoint Rules to Live By

These have been stated by others, I am sure; but  a recent training session led me to jot down a few things that stood out as just plain good ideas:

  • Whenever possible- always create for re-use in the topmost site of the site collection (site columns, content types etc.).
    • It can be so easy to get lazy or bow to the pressure of the squeakiest wheel to just get something done FAST.
    • Take the time and do it right. Get good at speedy configuration of these items!
  • When a list or library breaks permissions inheritance, or uses any advanced features that may affect display of content to end users, SAY SO in its description.
    • I touched on this in a previous post, but it’s just a good idea. It informs everyone, from end users to support staff who need to know what about a particular content element may be different than the everyday OOTB configuration.
    • Especially true of libraries where broken inheritance + versioning + content approval + layers of subfolders x cluelessness = ZOMG where’s the Advil.
  • Whenever you can add a description to anything , DO IT. And make it worthwhile.
    • This arose during a discussion of SharePoint group creation, and led to a deeper discussion around best practices of group set-up… which probably needs its own post later.
    • This discussion included the need to expressly identify what a SharePoint group is for and what types or users are in it- meaning… DON’T simply leave the default group description text in there, for the love of God.