What’s the blog title mean?  I provide SharePoint support, training, configuration, design, business analysis, workflow, etc. at a large midwestern company. The skill level of the users I work with ranges from zero on up.

During my conversations with them, I inevitably find myself asking, “Does that make sense?” at least once… usually several times. Hopefully the answer is, “Yes!” If not, I have to keep trying.

I continually ask “why” to get to the root of business process problems, and never forget that the tool cannot do the work. The business must drive the technology, not the other way around.

Nancy Skaggs has specialized in SharePoint since 2008 and is dedicated to helping people and organizations leverage Microsoft SharePoint to deliver business value. Nancy is a contributing author on NothingButSharePoint.com and often posts comments and solutions on many SharePoint blogs & forums. Follow her on Twitter: @Nanskatoon


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