Frantic User Stories: Relative URLS and the Quick Launch in WSS 3.0

Disclaimer: This article addresses the SharePoint 2007 Standard (WSS 3.0, not MOSS) environment. Some of my comments may not apply to other versions of SharePoint. Also, custom-developed solutions are not an option for any scenarios outlined in this article. I limit my approach to end user/power users who do not have
access to such resources.

A Frantic User emailed: “I deleted a list but the link is still showing on the Quick Launch. What am I doing wrong?”

Short answer: Nothing. The link was manually added to the Quick Launch. Manually-added links are not dynamically connected to the source list/library; therefore they don’t respond to such changes.

Long answer:When creating a content element (list or library), you must choose “Yes” or “No” in response to the question, “Display this list [or library] on the Quick Launch?” If you select “Yes,” the link will automatically be placed under the default content heading for the list/library type, and will point to the default view of the  list/library. In short, what you get in this scenario is a dynamic, relative link to the target list/library.
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